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Text Copyright © 2015 Elisabeth Hardy

Illustrations Copyright © 2015 Sophie Norsa

“What a wonderful book! I’m always lamenting the reality that there are not enough books about music, so ‘Thank you’ so much for bringing music into the lives of children in such a joyful way!”

Teacher, Buxton PS

Elisabeth Hardy’s Emilia is a musical and adventurous little mouse who leads the way in this playful, rhyming story. Any lover of animals or music will be delighted by the noisy treasures that Emilia finds, and the book’s rhythm and rhyme begs for the story to be read aloud by parents and grandparents, complete with emphatic clangs and toots.

Wonderfully illustrated by Sophie Norsa, the book’s images reach out from the pages to the reader, and are filled with movement, bounce and engagingly bold colour. They complement the text perfectly, and give the lovable furry characters comical life – the cats are scary but not too scary, and the musical instruments are almost noisy in their illustrated form.

Emilia Mouse takes a tiny creature and gives it a big story, and the little mouse even manages to bring the cats and mice together with her love of music. A picture book of fast pace and lots of fun, guaranteed to be learnt off by hearts by young children. Highly recommended.

Peter Whitfield, Managing Direct, New Frontier Publishing